Apple Spying On You and Some Fantasy Football!!

Apple recently announced they were enabling a feature that allows Apple to scan user photos on iCloud and personal devices. The stated use according to Apple is to scan for compromising photos of children to catch bad adults. But how effective will it be and is it worth the loss of what little privacy we have left from Big Tech?

I also talk about the cpu shortage for cars and how that will continue to affect the car shortage and high prices. Since we were talking about privacy as it pertains to Apple, I talk about how cars are vulnerable now that cpu’s run the entire car now. It’s already been proven that a car is hackable. So why do we keep putting computer chips in cars???

And then to top it off, I get into a fun hobby of mine with Fantasy Football. Tom Brady vs Aaron Rodgers, Ronald Jones vs Leonard Fournette, Davante Adams vs D’Andre Hopkins… and my take on the Baltimore Ravens for the season!!

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