Are People Really Living Their Religion??

The Dumb Idea Podcast Show, Episode 5

Are People Really Living Their Religion??

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

Are folks living their religion? Has COVID brought out the truth in people as to whether they are living by the ethos taught by their religion of choice? Or are people using the church as a glorified social gathering and the religious part is secondary?

We discuss our experiences throughout the COVID pandemic as to how we’ve seen the true nature of people come out. With some people, it’s not meshing with the aura they’re trying to project as being a follower of their religion. We’ve seen some people do and say things exactly the opposite of the religious teachings of any religion.

Are church leaders espousing the religion they’re preaching? Are they truly leading the flock with the religious ethos or are they profiteering?

Is the social aspect of church and the fear of being “shunned” a reason why people “fake” the religious part? People may think that they could lose their entire friend community if they come to the realization they don’t want to live by the religious teachings and therefore they fake it to remain in the groups?

Youtube Channel referenced in the episode was Full Time Freedom Tour.

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