Bus Driver Shortage?? Kids Hitchhiking to School??

The Dumb Idea Podcast

Lack of bus drivers led to a shortage of rides for kids to get to school. Our school district didn’t let anyone know what happened until a couple of hours after school started. And then they didn’t have a way to get the kids home. Bus driver shortages are happening all across the country and leading to a pretty serious issue for parents who work and depend on the school bus system to get the kids to and from school. 

We talk about what led to the bus driver shortage and how it may not be a simple answer. Is it because the Federal government was giving additional unemployment bonuses? Have the unemployed just not felt it in their pockets now that the supplements stopped in September? Or did the bus drivers with their specialty drivers licenses just not wait for the bus companies to call them back and they found other jobs that pay better? Or did a lot of them simply retire and move south?

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