Nicki Minaj Talking About Balls!?!

Recently Nicki Minaj tweeted about a possible side effect from the Covid MRNA Vaccines and the internet and major “news” networks went insane. We talk about why anything other than positive comments about the vaccines is shouted down. Why aren’t side effects being talked about. Rather than allowing further study for vaccines that were rushed through, the establishment seems content to shame people for asking any type of question in regards to the vaccines. 

As a side note, I mistakenly said that Nicki Minaj interviewed Joe Biden before the election. Cardi B was the entertainer who interviewed President Biden before the election. I apologize for confusing the 2. I’m a 40 something male so pop culture isn’t in my wheelhouse, but I should have done better research before the show. I apologize to both ladies for the error.

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