Brain Control Beats Mind Control Any Day Of The Week!!

Brain Control Beats Mind Control Any Day Of The Week!!

We talk about how social media and main stream media can control how you think and feel. They are framing stories to get the most clicks and views but not interested in providing actual news or facts. More clicks and views equals higher ad revenue which is how these media outlets survive.

We discuss the dilemma these companies face masquerading as news outlets when they’re only focused on revenue. The actual news doesn’t produce ad revenue which is why they can’t simply report the news.

We discuss how the documentary “The Social Dilemma” explains how social media and “news” outlets don’t have any incentive to provide you truth vs what you want to see and how this also impacts you as more and more news outlets move behind paywalls. This further disincentivizes them to produce actual news vs what they’re paying subscribers want to see.

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The title of this episode is a quote from “Dinner for Schmucks”


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