Joel Osteen and Omicron!

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Joel Osteen and Omicron!!

Is the leader of your religious flock living up to their teachings?? Or do they have a couple private jets and a $25 million dollar house and a couple of yachts? Or are our understandings of how religious leaders should be living a fallacy and outdated? Should religious leaders be living more like the priests of old or was that just window dressing for one of the most wealthy organizations in the world?

The day after Thanksgiving in the United States, the national media went full on blitz to let everyone in the world know that Omicron is a new variant among us. The headlines were meant to spark alarm, but then in the articles, they had no answers as to whether it’s more deadly or if it spreads easier than Delta. They also speculated that the current vaccines don’t provide sufficient defense if you only got the 1st 2 doses. So the new narrative is a push for newly approved boosters for all because there was a low uptake of boosters across the country. Conspiracy theories or truth?

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