Local Edition With County Councilwoman Amanda Fielder

Talking Local Issues in Anne Arundel County with Councilwoman Amanda Fielder

Anne Arundel County Councilwoman Amanda Fielder came by to talk about local issues after hearing our episode 2 weeks ago.

Why is over-development being allowed when the infrastructure isn’t being built to match the current needs first? Even though we have zoning laws in place, it seems like all exemptions are allowed by the county against the wishes of the citizens but to the delight of developers.

The Bay Bridge is a disaster for local residents because the state just keeps doing study after study on where to put a new span and nothing ever gets done. They haven’t put in a new span across the Chesapeake Bay or added spans where the current ones sit. Or Better yet, creating a brand new bridge like the Delaware Memorial Bridge that has 4 lanes on each side.

We talk about these issues and more in this episode and we appreciate her sitting down with us for questions a lot of residents have on their minds.

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