TGIWTF!!! What Happened to Network TV???

TGIWTF!!! What Happened to Prime Time Television??

We talk about the phenomenon that was TGIF and “Must See TV” television programming in the 90’s and early 2000’s. These were viewing events that people would talk about at work the next day.

Why isn’t this something that can be reproduced today? Can it be chalked up to the prevalence of the DVR or is it more in depth like lazy writing or in your face messaging that people just aren’t tuning in for anymore. A shocking number of hit shows which still have cult followings today were introduced during this time.

Are streaming services killing off “event” type tv where you tune in at the same time every week? Have the streaming services just purchased the better shows leaving network TV with scraps to air during prime time? Could it be a combination of a lot of things? Listen in as we discuss all of the possibilities and if there’s even a glimmer of hope of “event” type tv programming returning.

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