Fanboys Are Experts Giving Advice Now!?

Fanboys Are Experts Giving Advice Now!?

Fanboys gush over their favorite brand and all you wanted was an expert opinion on that new item you were looking to buy. Instead you got a 1 hour infomercial.

Is anyone capable anymore of giving unbiased advice in the consumer world? Youtube videos are usually sponsored or have affiliate links associated with the content to generate revenue for the reviewer. Even the webpages that come up in your Google search results are usually niche marketing blog sites that get commissions off their “top 10” lists with Number 1 on the list offering the writer the highest commissions.

Or how about unbiased car advice? When you give someone a specific set of criteria you’re looking for about an upcoming purchase and they try and steer you toward what they want vs what you need or specified.

Is it even possible to get “expert” advice anymore without someone trying to “sell” you something else?

We talk more about that today.

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