Local Maryland Beers Tasted With Some Friends

Local Maryland Beers Tasted With Some Friends

For our first local episode, we wanted to bring in a couple of friends from the neighborhood and try out a few beers from local Maryland breweries that haven’t been bought up by the big guns. To say we had a good time is a understatement as 2 of us don’t normally drink craft brews. Our reactions to them are pretty comical. A special thanks to Josh and Ty for joining Mike and Alex on this one.

A big THANK YOU to Port Tack Wine and Spirits in the Bay Dale Plaza in Arnold, MD for sponsoring this show. There staff was extremely helpful to us in selecting the beers we tried out. Please let them know you heard about them on the show.

This is new for us. In addition to our regular show every other Tuesday, we’re going to add in shows that look at things closer to the Annapolis, MD area, home to the amazing United States Naval Academy and ourselves.

We’re going to highlight local issues in these shows. Some may be more serious than others, but we’re proud of where we live and wanted to give some attention to the area.

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